Available Programs

Postgraduate Programs

The Postgraduate program at Al-Muthanna University was launched in 2013.  There are two types of postgraduate study at our university, MSc and Ph.D. The decision and planning for studying MSc and Ph.D. study are mainly organized by the Iraqi Ministry of higher education in corporation with our university according to our requirements

The postgraduate study at Al-Muthanna University provides an integrated program of an advanced study aiming to explore solutions and update knowledge of the related disciplines.

Ph.D Programs

PhD in Arabic Language

PhD in Arabic Literature

PhD in Geography

PhD in Physical Education and Sport Sciences

PhD in Animal Production

PhD in Plant Production

MSc programs

MSc in Geography

MSc in Arabic Language

MSc in History

MSc in Islamic History

MSc in Sharia, Islamic and Quranic sciences

 MSc in Physical Education and Sport Sciences

MSc in Anatomy, Histology and Embryology- veterinary medicine.

MSc in Biology

MSc in Chemistry

MSc in Physics

MSc in Civil Engineering

MSc in plant production

MSc in Animal Production

MSc in Soil and Water Resources

MSc in Banking and Financial Sciences

MSc in Law

Undergraduate Programs

 Available for pursuing undergraduate degree programs in any subject offered by university colleges

College of Education for Humanities

College of Agriculture

College of Science

College of Engineering

College of Medicine

College of Law

College of Nursing

College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Dentistry

College of Basic Education

College of Physical Education

College of Administration and Economics

College of Pharmacy

College of Pure Sciences

College of Arts