Terms and Conditions

Please carefully review the following terms and conditions before starting the electronic application process through our official website.

  1. The applicant must be an undergraduate student who has completed the A-level or its equivalent in school.
  2. The applicant for postgraduate studies must have completed their university education B.E / B.B. / B.Sc. / B. Tech.
  3. First-year students are granted scholarships for future studies.
  4. The deadline for submitting applications is the thirty-first of March each year, and studies begin either in September or October of the same year.
  5. The candidate will be notified of the acceptance result no later than June 15, and the final results will be announced on the official university website.
  6. The authentication of accepted nominees will not be considered final without examining the original certificates and documents. All original documents are returned immediately after being approved for this purpose.
  7. The accepted candidate must confirm acceptance of the scholarship within 14 days; otherwise, the acceptance is considered void.
  8. If the student wishes to change the allocated study after the scholarship is approved, the student must request to pay the full scholarship.
  9. If the student leaves their studies or withdraws due to compelling circumstances, they need to provide proof and send it electronically to the Missions and Cultural Relations Department at the Presidency of Al Muthanna University for consideration and then a decision by the follow-up committee.
  10. The student must update their personal information with the college programs office in case of any changes in the relevant data.
  11. Upon receiving the scholarship application, any related data will be retained and deleted when the applicant submits a written or electronic request for this.
  12. Scholarship awards are presented by the Scholarship Authority at Al Muthanna University, and all decisions of the Authority are final and cannot be returned or challenged.
  13. Al Muthanna University reserves the full right to withdraw or modify the available or announced scholarships without prior notice, according to the university’s data and internal policies.